Monday, July 14, 2008

The construction industry recognizes value of BIM's clash detection feature

Clash Detection. It is turning out to be one of the most valuable BIM components for the construction industry. For major player Andersen Construction, the money saved using clash detection has made the feature an asset for their company projects. Referred to in the article as shedding a “BIM light” on their project, a modeling team was able to use Navisworks and run a clash detection function to determine where ductwork might collide with other systems. Errors were clear from the start, as clash detection recognized brace frames in the first-floor hallway that interfered with the ductwork. After making a simple fix to the error in the BIM model, Andersen was able to install the materials in the field correctly, saving money on time and error.

Virtual Build has from first hand experience seen the number of RFI’s on site for all our projects drop dramatically. As Andersen Construction found, the computer model is a powerful collaborative tool that acts as a referee; it gives clear and undisputable evidence to help determine fault on project errors. At Virtual Build we have found BIM to be our key to success, and believe that when incorporating BIM into a project, the earlier it is implemented the better. Our sentiments are echoed by the Andersen team who has seen the far-reaching value added savings of BIM, and hopes to reach full scale modeling that starts one year before construction for future projects.

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