Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dubai based architectural firm Tekla uses BIM for Bejing Olympic Games

The Dubai-based Architectectural firm Tekla announced two days ago that it was involved in the software support for designing the complex structure of the Beijing Olympic Stadium In order to ensure precision and accuracy on the extremely complex "Birds Nest" (the location from which multiple Olympic events including most namely track and field are held) design, Tekla utilized Building Information Modeling. Specifically, the company says it used BIM during the design stage to create 3D views of the stadium's roof joints. Tekla Structures software has been involved in the development of other projects for the new Beijing infrastructure. It was used to model three other buildings – the TV Centre and CCTV buildings and the new International Conference Centre. Worldwide, BIM is reaching new heights, as intricate structures like the focal point of the 2008 Olympic Games require technological software that can support extreme design intricacies and still ensure accuracy and precision of models.


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