Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mangan...President of Virtual Build in MSN Real Estate Feature

In an August 12th, 2008 Article for MSN Real Estate, President of Virtual Build and Principal and Head architect of sister company Mangan Group Architects continues to build his resume as an industry expert as he shares his insights on split-level housing. The article which features the decline in popularity of split-level housing in the country also include's residential space photography supplied by Mangan Group Architects. The photographs illustrate Mangan Group Architect's keen ability to revitalize the outdated split level style houses and make them much more suitable for the contemporary market.
With over 20 years of experience in the Architecture Industry, Mangan is able to lend his expert opinion on why splits began to appear as early as the 1930s, took off in the post-World War II building boom, and were popular through the 1970s:

"Land values weren't so high then, and so the homes on them weren't very extravagant, says John Mangan of Mangan Group Architects in Takoma Park, Md. Instead, the lots demanded an inexpensive home that made the most of the square footage."

Virtual Build looks to utilize Mangan's years of experience and expertise in the architecture industry to positively shape the future of Virtual Build with a thorough understanding of Building Information Modeling's effect on the real estate industry.

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